Sascha Grau





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Code Snippets

Javascript/Processing.js Playground

Monte Carlo Pi

Approximate Pi using Monte Carlo Simulation.
Watch as the process converges.


Pack boxes into bins in this interactive binpacking example.
Study heuristics and find the optimum!


Interactive playground to study characteristics of Google's PageRank algorithm.
Try modelling your sitemap!


A plotter for Elliptic Curves under modular arithmetic. Explore point addition and generator subgroups.


Small Javascript game AI.
You won't win.

Game of Life

Playing around with plain Javascript.
Try building gliders!


Simple maze generator using depth-first-search.

  • rght - Implementierung zu meiner Diplomarbeit: klassische und alternative Algorithmen für Gomory-Hu-Bäume, Preflow-Push-Fluss-Algorithmen, Aufzählung der s-t-Schnitte, einige Graph-Generatoren, Testgraphen, Parser versch. Graphformate, usw.
  • rostar - Implementierung des Algorithmus von Roskind & Tarjan zur Berechnung k kantendisjunkter Spannbäme mit minimalen Kosten